You Talked, We Listened

Affordable sorter solution for small and medium operations

  • Flexible configuration
  • Handles all package types
  • One-day installation

Disruptive Technology

demonstration of how it works
  • Modular turnkey solution
  • Installs in a day
  • No integrator required
  • Configure induct to your requirements
  • As many sort modules as you need
  • Easily add/remove sorts later

Case Studies

application example for a U-curve

Perfect for last-mile delivery sorting, micro-fulfillment centers, returns processing and many other applications.

Sort into almost any container, including bags, totes, hampers and wiretainers. Alternatives include gravity feed runouts and even other conveyor systems.

Curves and right-angle transfer sections are available to fit the specific layout needs of your facility. Additional data collection systems can be integrated including OCR, scale, camera and dimensioning.

See Examples

Low-cost sorting appliance

The RollerBall® sorter is customized for your current needs, and readily expanded in the future. Works with a wide variety of packages, including cardboard boxes, plastic bags, envelopes, and more.

High Performance

Sort 1,800 - 2,700 packages per hour
(30 - 45 per minute).

Modular and Flexible

Plug-and-play sections make it easy to
add sort points in the future.


Proven design, built with
commercially available components.